UHF RFID Antenna (RP-TNC) 高頻RFID 專用強波天線 M6E Nano 可用


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UHF RFID Antenna (RP-TNC) 高頻RFID 專用強波天線

UHF RFID Antenna (RP-TNC) 高頻RFID 專用強波天線 適合當您絕對需要為下一個RFID項目充分利用天線時,這就是您的解決方案。這款超高頻(UHF)RFID天線的頻率範圍為860-960 MHz,增益為6dBi。由於其高質量的功能,這與我們用於M6E Nano 高功率 Simultaneous UHF RFID 讀取器 專用的外部天線相同。每個UHF RFID天線都有一條30厘米長的電纜,端接RP-TNC母頭連接器。


  • Frequency Range: 860-960 MHz
  • Gain: 6 dBi
  • VSWR: < 1.6 : 1
  • Impedance: 50Ω
  • Polarization: Linear Vertical
  • Antenna Connector: TNC Female RP
  • Max Power: 100W
  • 223mm x 200mm x 60mm


This is your solution when you absolutely, positively need to get the most out of an antenna for your next RFID project. This ultra high-frequency (UHF) RFID Antenna boasts a frequency range of 860-960 MHz with a gain of 6dBi. This is the same external antenna we use for our Simultaneous RFID Reader due to its high-quality features.

Each UHF RFID Antenna has a 30cm cable terminated with an RP-TNC female connector. If you need to extend the cable attached to the antenna, we offer additional cords to help you out!



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