SparkFun Soil Moisture Sensor (with Screw Terminals) 土壤濕度傳感器(帶螺絲端子)

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SparkFun Soil Moisture Sensor (with Screw Terminals) 土壤濕度傳感器(帶螺絲端子)


要使SparkFun土壤濕度傳感器正常工作,您只需將 VCC 和 GND 引腳連接到基於 Arduino 的器件(或兼容的開發板)。你會收到一個SIG,這將取決於土壤中的水量。土壤濕度傳感器的一個普遍已知的問題是當暴露在潮濕的環境中時,它們的壽命很短。為了解決這個問題,我們將鍍金的PCB鍍上了黃金(ENIG,或者無電鍍鎳浸金)。



The SparkFun Soil Moisture Sensor is a simple breakout for measuring the moisture in soil and similar materials. The soil moisture sensor is pretty straightforward to use. The two large, exposed pads function as probes for the sensor, together acting as a variable resistor. The more water that is in the soil means the better the conductivity between the pads will be, resulting in a lower resistance and a higher SIG out. This version of the Soil Moisture Sensor includes a 3-pin screw pin terminal pre-soldered to the board for easy wiring and setup. To get the SparkFun Soil Moisture Sensor functioning, all you will need is to connect the VCC and GND pins to your Arduino-based device (or compatible development board). You will receive a SIG out, which will depend on the amount of water in the soil. One commonly known issue with soil moisture senors is their short lifespan when exposed to a moist environment. To combat this, we’ve had the PCB coated in gold finishing (ENIG, or Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold). Note: Check the Hookup Guide below for assembly and weatherproofing instructions, as well as a simple example project that you can put together yourself!

Get Started with the Soil Moisture Sensor Guide