Grove – LCD RGB Backlight 16×2 全彩液晶顯示模組


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Grove – LCD RGB Backlight 16×2 全彩液晶顯示模組

單調乏味的單色背光?這個Grove使您能夠通過簡單而簡潔的Grove界面將顏色設置為任何您喜歡的顏色。它將I2C作為與微控制器的通信方式。因此,數據交換和背光控制所需的引腳數量從10個減少到2個,為其他具有挑戰性的任務減少了IO。此外,格羅夫 – LCD RGB背光支持用戶定義的字符。想要得到一顆愛的心或其他一些外來的字符?只要利用這個功能,並設計它!本產品是格羅夫 – 串行LCD的替代品。如果您正在尋找原始的16×2液晶顯示模組,我們也有綠色的黃色背光版本和藍色背光版本。


  • RGB 全彩背光
  • I2C 通信
  • 內置英文字體
  • 16×2液晶


輸入電壓 5V
工作電流 <60毫安
CGROM 10880位
CGRAM 64×8位


Done with tedious mono color backlight? This Grove enables you to set the color to whatever you like via the simple and concise Grove interface. It takes I2C as communication method with your microcontroller. So number of pins required for data exchange and backlight control shrinks from ~10 to 2, relieving IOs for other challenging tasks.
Besides, Grove – LCD RGB Backlight supports user-defined characters. Want to get a love heart or some other foreign characters? Just take advantage of this feature and design it!
This product is a replacement of Grove – Serial LCD. If you are looking for primitive 16×2 LCD modules, we have green yellow backlight version and blue backlight version on sale also.

Grove - LCD RGB Backlight 16x2 全彩液晶顯示模組

  • Colorful RGB Backlight
  • Built-in English and Japanese fonts
  • I2C communication, uses only two IOs
  • Automatic power-on reset

For all Grove users (especially beginners), we provide you guidance PDF documents. Please download and read through Preface – Getting StartedandIntroduction to Grove before your using of the product.

Technical Details

Dimensions 83mm x 44mm x 13mm
Weight G.W 38g
Battery Exclude
Input Voltage 5V
CGROM 10880 bit
CGRAM 64*8 bit

Part List

Grove – LCD RGB Backlight 1



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