Dissolved Oxygen Kit 水質溶解氧感測器套件組

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Dissolved Oxygen Kit 水質溶解氧感測器套件組

測量溶解在水中的氧氣基本上有兩種簡單的方法:你可以猜測然後堅持你測量它,這有明顯的不准確的缺點; 或者你也可以使用阿特拉斯科學溶解氧試劑盒。


溶解氧迴路將數據以Mg / L的形式返回到兩個有效數字。讀數可以取決於溫度或電導率,也可以獨立於溫度或電導率,探頭將在淡水,鹽或微鹹水中正確運行。


  • 範圍:0-20毫克/升
  • 探頭主體材料:環氧和Noryl
  • 最大探頭溫度:50攝氏度
  • 最大探頭PSI:690 kPa(100PSI)
  • 全量程溶解氧讀數+/- 0.1
  • 精度在兩位有效數字之內(XX.XX Mg / L)
  • 溫度依賴性或與溫度無關的讀數
  • 淡水/鹹水/鹹水讀數
  • 電導率依賴性或電導率獨立的讀數
  • 簡單的5秒校準
  • 數據輸出為Mg / L


  • 溶解氧電路
  • 溶解氧傳感器
  • 100ml(4盎司)0溶解氧校準溶液
  • 男性BNC連接器
  • BNC連接器分線板
  • DO電路貼花


Dissolved Oxygen Kit

Atlas Scientific is on a mission to make high-quality sensors for environmental monitoring available to everyday hackers and makers. All of their kits are easy to calibrate and connect to your microcontroller-based project. There are basically two easy ways to measure oxygen dissolved in water: You can guess and then insist that you measured it, which has the obvious disadvantage of being wildly inaccurate; or you can just use the Atlas Scientific Dissolved Oxygen Kit. The Dissolved Oxygen Kit comes with everything you need to take accurate, full-range D.O. readings for your environmental monitoring, hydroponics, wine making, fish keeping… well, any project where you need to continuous or intermittent Dissolved Oxygen readings. There’s a simple 5-second calibration that is required before you can deploy the probe (calibration solution is included with the kit) and it can be immersed and operating continuously for 12 months before recalibration is recommended! The Dissolved Oxygen circuit returns data in the form of Mg/L to two significant figures. Readings can be taken either dependent or independently of temperature or conductivity and the probe will function correctly in fresh-, salt- or brackish water.


  • Dissolved Oxygen Circuit
  • Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
  • 100ml (4oz) 0 Dissolved Oxygen calibration solution
  • Male BNC connector
  • BNC connector breakout board
  • D.O. Circuit decal