Arduino NB-IoT 窄帶物聯網擴展板 中華電信專用 Dragino NB-IoT Shield B8 擴展通訊板

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Arduino NB-IoT 窄帶物聯網擴展板 中華電信專用 Dragino NB-IoT Shield B8 擴展通訊板

Arduino NB-IoT 窄帶物聯網擴展板 是讓您的專案可以輕鬆導入 NarrowBand-Things of Things(NB-IoT) 的完美解決方案, NBIoT  是一種基於標準的低功耗廣域(LPWA)技術,旨在支持各種新的物聯網設備和服務。NB-IoT顯著提高了用戶設備的功耗,系統容量和頻譜效率,尤其是在深度覆蓋範圍內。對於各種用例,可以支持超過10年的電池壽命。

新的物理層信號和通道旨在滿足擴展覆蓋範圍的苛刻要求 – 農村和室內深度 – 以及超低的設備複雜性。NB-IoT模塊的初始成本預計與GSM / GPRS相當。然而,基礎技術比現在的GSM / GPRS簡單得多,並且隨著需求的增加,其成本預計會迅速下降。

Arduino NB-IoT 窄帶物聯網擴展板  是 Arduino 擴展 NBIot 完美方案

Arduino  是一個基於易於使用的硬件和軟件的開源電子平台,它是快速原型製作的簡單工具,面向沒有電子和編程背景的學生。一旦它到達更廣泛的社區,Arduino板就開始改變以適應新的需求和挑戰,將其產品從簡單的8位板轉變為物聯網應用,可穿戴設備,3D打印和嵌入式環境的產品。所有Arduino板都是完全開源的,使用戶能夠獨立構建它們並最終使它們適應其特定需求。該軟件也是開源的,並且通過全球用戶的貢獻而不斷增長。

NB-IoT Shield  是Arduino增加NB-IoT技術的擴展板。使用NB-IoT Shield和Arduino,用戶可以快速學習/評估並為NB-IoT解決方案進行POC。


  • 支持   900Mhz NB-IoT頻段 
  • 功耗低
  • 廣域覆蓋
  • AT命令控制
  • 自動支持3.3v或5v Arduino板
  • 與 Arduino Leonardo,Uno,Mega2560,DUE等兼容


  • 智能計量(電,煤氣和水)
  • 設施管理服務
  • 家庭和商業物業的入侵者和火災警報器
  • 連接的個人電器測量健康參數
  • 跟踪人,動物或物體
  • 智能城市基礎設施,如路燈或垃圾箱
  • 連接的工業設備,如焊接機或空氣壓縮機


Arduino NB-IoT 窄帶物聯網擴展板

UART_TX和UART_RX連接到Arduino的D10 / D11。要使用其他引腳進行UART通信,用戶可以移除UART_TX和UART_RX跳線,並將這些接頭的右側連接到UNO的其他引腳。軟件串行引腳還需要在Sketch中進行相關更改。


Arduino NB-IoT 窄帶物聯網擴展板


外形尺寸 110毫米x 68毫米x 35毫米
重量 GW 53.50g
電池 排除


NB-IoT Shield 1
NB-IoT天線 1


ECCN 3A991.a
HSCODE 8517709000

什麼是 NB-IoT? NBIoT窄帶物聯網 (Narrow Band Internet of Things)

NB-IoT 是一種低功耗廣域技術,屬於方興未艾的 5G 連結科技,將推動物聯網設備下一個十年的爆發性成長。預計於 2020 年,運用 NB-IoT 平台的產品出貨量將達每年 1 億 5 千萬以上,超過物聯網市場的一半。NB-IoT 能打造超高效平台,讓透過電池提供電力的裝置維持更長時間運。藉由重複使用(即將)退役的 2G 網路空間或現行 4G LTE 頻寬內的保護頻段,NB-IoT具備在已知基礎網路架構裡運行的優勢,再加上簡單的 RF 設計,可望加速營運商認證。

Dragino NB-IoT Shield-B8

NarrowBand-Internet of Things (NB-IoT)

is a standards-based low power wide area (LPWA) technology developed to enable a wide range of new IoT devices and services. NB-IoT significantly improves the power consumption of user devices, system capacity and spectrum efficiency, especially in deep coverage. Battery life of more than 10 years can be supported for a wide range of use cases.

Dragino NB-IoT Shield-B8

New physical layer signals and channels are designed to meet the demanding requirement of extended coverage – rural and deep indoors – and ultra-low device complexity. Initial cost of the NB-IoT modules is expected to be comparable to GSM/GPRS. The underlying technology is however much simpler than today’s GSM/GPRS and its cost is expected to decrease rapidly as demand increases.

Arduino NB-IoT Shield 

Dragino NB-IoT Shield-B8 is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software, it is an easy tool for fast prototyping, aimed at students without a background in electronics and programming. As soon as it reached a wider community, the Arduino board started changing to adapt to new needs and challenges, differentiating its offer from simple 8-bit boards to products for IoT applications, wearable, 3D printing, and embedded environments. All Arduino boards are completely open-source, empowering users to build them independently and eventually adapt them to their particular needs. The software, too, is open-source, and it is growing through the contributions of users worldwide.

NB-IoT Shield is an expansion board for Arduino to add NB-IoT technology. With NB-IoT Shield and Arduino, user can study/evaluate and do POC for NB-IoT solution rapidly.


  • Support  900Mhz NB-IoT Bands
  • Low power consumption
  • Wide area coverage
  • AT command to control
  • Auto support 3.3v or 5v Arduino board
  • Compatible with Arduino Leonardo, Uno, Mega2560, DUE… etc


  • Smart metering (electricity, gas and water)
  • Facility management services
  • Intruder and fire alarms for homes & commercial properties
  • Connected personal appliances measuring health parameters
  • Tracking of persons, animals or objects
  • Smart city infrastructure such as street lamps or dustbins
  • Connected industrial appliances such as welding machines or air compressors

System Structure:

Arduino NB-IoT 窄帶物聯網擴展板

UART_TX and UART_RX are connected to D10/D11 of Arduino. To use other pins for UART communication, user can remove the UART_TX and UART_RX jumper and wire the right side of these headers to other pins of UNO. The software serial pins also need to do related changes in Sketch.

SIM Card Direction:

Arduino NB-IoT 窄帶物聯網擴展板

Technical Details

Dimensions 110mm x 68mm x 35mm
Weight G.W 53.50g
Battery Exclude

Part List

NB-IoT Shield 1
NB-IoT Antenna 1


ECCN 3A991.a
HSCODE 8517709000



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